Celebrating Sign Language Week 2024 



DEaf Action team member teaching people BSL British Sign Language on Edinburgh's Royal Mile.
Sign Language Week 2024 - What is British Sign Language? It’s Sign Language Week here in the UK, and so to celebrate, we’ll be sharing content throughout the week to raise awareness about British Sign Language (BSL), and sign languages in general. To kick us off, we thought we’d give you an overview about what BSL is! What is BSL? ...

Parent and toddler – National Museum of Scotland


Our Events

Dinosaur skeleton at the National Museum of Scotland
Click for BSL Video Date: 27 April 2024 Time: 11am -1pm Cost: Free Where: National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh Join us on Saturday 27 April as we visit the National Museum of Scotland for a day of discovery and fun! BSL/English interpreter provided. Please fill in the booking form below so we can let the museum know how many to ...

Christmas and New Year opening hours



Red background with faint christmas lights sparkling throughout. Overlaid is white text reading: 'Chritsmas and New Year opening hours'. In the bottom Right corner is the white Deaf Action logomark.

Over Christmas and New Year, there will be some changes to our services and operating hours.  Edinburgh office Deaf Action’s offices at 49 Albany Street, Edinburgh, will be closed from 5pm 22 December until 9am 3 January. During this time, you will be unable to visit the offices, however, you can still contact the relevant services if you require support. …

Space for All inclusive community group


Our Events

Two women sat down facing each other as they sign to each other. In the background is a large glass window with light emanating through. You cannot see the their faces as the frame crops the image just above shoulder height.
Click for BSL Video Every Tuesday 16 Jan to 28 May Time: 1pm - 3pm Cost: Free Where: Brennan Library, Deaf Action, Albany St, Edinburgh *From Tuesday 7th April, the group will meet from 1pm to 3pm* Led by our Wellbeing Service Co-ordinator, Space for All is a warm and friendly group aimed at bringing people together. The group is ...

Deaf Like Me – Niamdh Braid



Girl wearing denim dungarees sat on the floor all white background.
Meet Niamdh Braid, a deaf young person with a passion for accessibility and inclusion.  Niamdh's story Niamdh was diagnosed with sensorineural deafness at a young age and wears two hearing aids in her everyday life. As the only deaf person in her family, Niamdh's parents have fought hard to ensure access to appropriate services, British Sign Language, and the deaf ...

Deaf Like Me – Charlotte Addison



Woman with shoulder length brown hair and white t-shirt in front of a plain neutral background.
Meet Charlotte Addison, a deaf BSL user based in Glasgow. Unlike most deaf children, Charlotte grew up in a deaf signing household. Charlotte shares a funny story about manners at the dinner table, and how she realised that not everyone could sign like her family. Charlotte's story Coming from a deaf signing family, Charlotte has been immersed in deaf culture ...

Deaf Like Me – Timothy Perera



Man standing in front of white background wearing an orange hoodie and smiling at the camera.
Meet Timothy Perera, a deaf BSL user based in the North of England. Growing up in a hearing environment, he was the only deaf person in his family. Tim shares his experience of his early years and how he found the deaf community. Tim's story Tim wasn't diagnosed as being deaf until around the age of three. With no prior ...

Parent and toddler group


Our Events

Parent and toddler group. Three females sat on a multicoloured soft play floor mat alongside young children while playing with colourful toys.
Click for BSL Video Where: Deaf Action, 49 Albany St, Edinburgh Time: 11am to 1pm When: Last Saturday of the month (2024 dates below) 30 March - Easter hunt 27 April - National Museum of Scotland 25 May 29 June 27 July 31 August 28 September 26 October 30 November 7 December BSL/English interpretation provided  Whether you’re a deaf parent ...

‘Sign Me Up’ – Deaf Action partners with Tinder for Sign Language Week 


Person looking at phone showing the Tinder app homescreen - a red background with Tinder written across the centre of the screen, followed by terms and conditions text below this. Surrounding the phone is a series of white love hearts in red circles.

For this years’ Sign Language Week (13-19 March), we’ve partnered with Tinder, who are championing inclusivity by empowering single people to learn British Sign Language (BSL).   Tinder aims to promote inclusion through improved communication, raising awareness of the barriers the deaf community face whilst dating. The dating app has partnered with deaf twins Being Her to release a series of …

Our building restoration works



Front of Deaf Action's buidling with black door and Georgian windows

As the oldest deaf charity in the world, we have called 49 Albany Street in Edinburgh our home since 1889. We understand the significance our building has for the deaf community and its heritage. That’s why we have committed to the ongoing restoration of the building, ensuring we can offer a space that is fit to serve our communities today, …