About us

Deaf Action exists to support the diversity of deaf people, including deaf users of British Sign Language (BSL), and those who are deafened, deafblind or hard of hearing. Our work is geared towards empowering all deaf people to achieve their potential and fully participate in society, with equality of rights, access and opportunity.

Our vision

Inclusive communities free from barriers, where deaf people can fulfil their potential and thrive.

Our mission

To empower deaf people to achieve their potential and participate in society, with equality of rights, access and opportunity.

Our values

We share our learning and seek to learn from others in order to drive improvements.


We reach out and offer personalised support, recognising that every deaf person has unique needs and preferences.


We form meaningful partnerships to meet local needs, addressing the gaps between services.


We value leadership informed by lived experience and believe that the needs and preferences of deaf people should be at the heart of all we do.


We value people from all backgrounds, focus on their potential and strengths. We celebrate a positive deaf identity.

Our social aims

We strive for equality of access to information, advice and services.


We improve social inclusion, supporting people to become active citizens.


We promote good health, empowering people to live independently, and caring for them when they no longer can.


We empower people to achieve through meaningful learning and the development of essential skills.


We celebrate deaf culture, heritage and language, offering nurturing community spaces and a sense of belonging.

Deaf Action has a proud history…

Since our beginnings on Leith Street in Edinburgh over 180 years ago, we are proud to have been at the forefront of many major achievements – in fact, we were the first formally constituted deaf organisation in the world.

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