British Sign Language courses

Our British Sign Language courses, or ‘BSL courses’, are taught by qualified tutors and are ideal for anybody who’s interested in learning or further developing their signing skills.

What BSL courses are offered?

We offer a comprehensive scale of courses, ranging through:

  • BSL taster course
  • Introduction to BSL
  • BSL Level 1
  • BSL Level 2
  • BSL Level 3

Our courses are all taught by qualified deaf tutors, so you’ll be learning from people who use BSL as their native language. As Deaf Action is a charity, when you book your BSL course through us, the income is reinvested back into improving our services for deaf people.

Where are BSL courses available?

Our courses are available online and in-person, so no matter where you are based, there will be a course that suits you.

More detail on what each level of our sign language courses includes can be found by clicking on the links below.