Home rental advice

Deaf Action has put together a range of videos in BSL to give deaf tenants equal access to information and advice on the property rental market.

Know your rights as a tenant

Our BSL videos make information around property rental accessible for deaf people. Get guidance on deposits, and what to do in the event of a dispute.

Specialist equipment

If you are deaf and rent your home, our team of expert engineers can supply and install specialist equipment. Our equipment and installation services are designed to improve your independence and quality of life at home. Get in touch with our specialist equipment team for more information.


What is the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process?

What information must be given to tenants?

Your deposit – how it works

How to get your deposit back

How long does the deposit repayment process take?

Rent and other charges

Rent and other charges

Ending a tenancy

These resources have been made possible thanks to funding from: SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust