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Supporting deaf young people

Our youth club supports deaf young people at every stage of their development, helping them build confidence and shape their future.

Are you deaf and aged 10-18?

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It’s common for young people to experience issues during transitional periods in school, but these challenges can be heightened for young deaf people. Our youth support aims to help young people as they develop, increasing social inclusion and supporting equal access to education and employment opportunities.

We want to make sure every young person can reach their greatest potential, so we’ve developed a range of support, social groups and workshops to help young people flourish.

Peer support

Being around other young people that are like you, will help shape your social and self identity. We want to create an environment where young people can truly express themselves without fear of judgement, to excel development and inclusion.

Joining the club is a great way to gain experience with likeminded people and make friends for life.

“Deaf Action is a place where I can be myself. I have hearing friends but they do not understand the difficulty of not being able to hear. Meeting other people in similar situations to myself is something that I will always be grateful for because I know that I am not alone.”

– Keira, 16

What’s on

Join our regular activities and events throughout the year. Get involved in activities such as homework club, youth counselling, social groups, empowerment and life skills training.

We run fun activities and groups:

  • Saturday club
  • Summer camp
  • Homework clubs

We offer family and learning sessions:

  • Family support service
  • BSL family lessons

And development activities:

  • Transition support groups
  • Personal development workshops
  • Leadership workshops
  • Mentoring programme
  • Supported work experience placements

All our events are accessible for everyone, whether you use BSL or English. Please note, some activities are tailored to age groups; get in touch for more information.

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90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents.

This can impact both a child’s development and parental bond. We want to close this gap by not just assisting young people, but parents too!

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Parents and deaf young people
Schools, organisations, social work

This service has been been made possible thanks to funding from:


We keep the UNCRC at the heart of all we do to ensure deaf young people are supported at every stage of their development. You can read the full UN Convention (pdf), or just a summary (pdf), to find out more about the rights that are included.