Supported accommodation

Supported accommodation for deaf adults

Located within the Dunedin Canmore Housing Association development at Slateford Green, Edinburgh, our accommodation is designed to provide support for deaf adults with additional needs.

We have a team of experienced staff that provide support for those who have physical disabilities, learning difficulties, periods of mental ill-health, or other health and wellbeing issues.

All staff work to SSSC Codes of Practice and National Care Standards. If you would like to view their Code of Conduct or guidelines, then visit

Community outreach & visiting support service

Would you or a family member benefit from support services in your own home? Our team is specialised in providing outreach support for deaf adults in the community. We believe that a person-centred approach is essential to successfully supporting Deaf individuals with additional support needs. Support is tailored to enable each person to achieve the outcomes that are important to them whilst ensuring their health and wellbeing. Deaf Action delivers outreach services in the following locations:

  • City of Edinburgh
  • East Lothian
  • Midlothian
  • West Lothian
  • Fife

Contact us on the details below and find out how we can help.

Contact details

Tel: 0131 442 6924
Fax: 0131 443 9858
SMS: 07946 619 756

Care standards

In line with the Scottish Government consultation on New Care Standards you can expect these Principles to be upheld:

Dignity and respect
  • Your human rights are respected and promoted
  • You are respected and treated with dignity as an individual
  • You are treated fairly and do not experience discrimination
  • Your privacy is respected
  • You experience warm, compassionate and nurturing care and support
  • Your care is provided by people who understand and are sensitive to your needs and wishes
Be included
  • You receive the right information, at the right time, and in a way that you can understand
  • You are supported to make informed choices so that you can control your care and support
  • You are included in wider decisions about the way the service is provided, and your suggestions, feedback, and concerns considered
  • You are supported to participate fully and actively in your community
Responsive care and support
  • Your health and social care needs are assessed and reviewed to ensure you receive the right support and care at the right time.
  • Your care and support can be adapted when your needs, choices and decisions change
  • You experience consistency in who provides your care and support and how it is provided
  • If you make a complaint it is acted on.
  • You are asked about your lifestyle preferences and aspirations, and you are supported to achieve these
  • You are encouraged and helped to achieve your full potential
  • You are supported to make informed choices, even if this means you might be taking personal risks
  • You feel safe and are protected from neglect, abuse or avoidable harm

Our services are inspected and regulated by the Care Inspectorate.

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