Click & Connect

Digital skills training for deaf people

Click & Connect is a free digital skills service from Deaf Action, helping deaf people stay connected online.

Click & Connect

Getting online is essential to stay connected with friends and family, and can help people access services, shops, education and workplaces. Our digital courses can give you the essential skills needed to use your devices with confidence, get online and stay connected. Whether you use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer, we can help you improve your skills.

Who can join?

Our digital skills courses are available to all deaf people, whether you use BSL or English. Our tutors can train you in your preferred language.

Not everyone has the skills or knowledge to access the internet, but that’s where we come in. Deaf Action can help deaf people learn these essential skills and access online services.

Click & Connect courses

Our courses are FREE for deaf and hard of hearing people. We offer accessible training opportunities, each focusing on a different area. We offer one-off classes or longer courses over 6-8 weeks.

Don’t worry if you don’t have equipment – Deaf Action can loan iPads or laptops to help you on your course.

We can help with:
  • Learning the basics, using a computer, laptop, tablet, phone or other device
  • Introduction to word processing, spreadsheets & slideshows
  • Email essentials – sending, receiving and safety
  • Social media – features, functions and safety
  • Internet safety, and keeping yourself safe online
  • Online retail & banking
  • Accessing government services and interpreting online
  • Video calling, including FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype
  • How to use different operating systems, such as Apple, Android or Windows
  • Digital skills for work, including Microsoft Office, Teams and Outlook
How to join

You can join a course or one to one session by filling in the contact form below.

Upcoming courses


Learn the basics with our foundational skills course.  

  • Using the home screen  
  • Typing and gestures 
  • Using a browser to search the internet 
  • Basic internet safety  
  • Photographs and QR codes
  • Intro to email
  • Video calling with Zoom
  • Accessibility settings  

For people with some digital life skills, looking to advance. These are one off sessions, so you can join the classes you need.  

  • Using forms 
  • Video calling with Facetime 
  • Social media on Facebook 
  • Using WhatsApp 
  • Electric and gas accounts 
  • Spotting scams and staying safe 
  • Spotting malware and staying safe 
  • Interpreted calls with Contact Scotland  

For people looking to improve their digital skills for work. These are one off sessions, so you can join the classes you need. 

  • Intro to Microsoft Office 
  • Word Processing, including reading or downloading documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Slideshows 
Drop in service for all levels 

Our drop-in sessions with our digital champions are available every Thursday.

Whether you use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer, we can help you improve your skills.