We want to make sure it’s easy to support our work.

You can donate to us in a few easy ways.

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Donate online

By donating, you’ll be helping us to make a difference to deaf communities across Scotland. You can choose to make a one-off donation or a regular donation of your chosen amount.

Give now

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Give whilst you shop

Support Deaf Action whilst you shop online by signing up to Easy Fundraising and shopping via AmazonSmile. By doing so, retailers donate a percentage of your purchase to Deaf Action, costing you nothing.

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Legacy giving

Contribute to helping the lives and well-being of the deaf community of generations to come by leaving us a gift in your will.

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For every £100 donated we can provide a young deaf person with a package of support which prepares and empowers them for the next stage of their lives.

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Deaf people are at increased risk of mental health struggles. With every donation of £50, we can provide a BSL Counselling Session for a deaf person who is struggling.

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£30 enables us to provide an isolated elderly person with one-to-one digital skills support, helping them use technology to get online and connect with people.

Donate £20 icons

£20, we can provide 1 hour of one-to-one support to a deaf person, to help assess their needs and identify ways in which we can support them to improve their lives.

Donate paper icon

£10 is enough to ensure that we can provide a deaf person with access to essential information to help them cope and connect with support networks.