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We know how lonely it can feel at any age which is why at Deaf Action, we have a Befriending Service to allow deaf and hard of hearing people to meet people anywhere in Scotland. If you or someone you know could do with a friendly face to chat to, our befriending service can help you meet people with similar interests and communication preferences for conversation and companionship.

Deaf BSL users, deafened, deafblind, and hard of hearing adults (18 and over) are all welcome to use our befriending service to meet new people. This service is available in English or BSL, so no matter what language you use, we’ll connect you to the right people.

Online befriending

You can connect with people online, so no matter where you are in Scotland, you can use this service.

Face to face befriending

If you prefer face to face interaction, you can meet in person and enjoy a cup of tea and a chat. This service is available in Edinburgh, Dundee, and Glasgow only.

Improve your wellbeing

Connecting with other people can help combat loneliness and isolation, and can improve mental wellbeing. We also offer counselling and wellbeing services for anyone who needs extra support.

Becoming a befriender

Volunteering to become a befriender can be an extremely rewarding way to spend your time. We are always on the lookout for great volunteer befrienders who can spare some time to chat with deaf and hard of hearing adults.

What makes a great volunteer?

  • Good communication skills
  • Reliable
  • Interested in helping others

If you think you have what it takes to become a befriender volunteer, contact

There are options to do this in person or online, depending on where are you based. We are looking for volunteers with and without British Sign Language (BSL).

Thank you to our funders

This service is made possible thanks to funding from Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, Glasgow City Council, The Barbet Trust, and Hollyhock Charitable Foundation. 

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