BSL/English Interpreters

What is a BSL interpreter?

A British Sign Language interpreter (BSL interpreter) converts sign language into spoken English for hearing people, and converts spoken English into British Sign Language for deaf people.

How can a BSL interpreter help?

We know how important it is to get the right BSL interpreter for the job. Deaf Action has an experienced team who are all registered with either the Scottish Register of Language Professionals within Deaf Community (SRLPDC) or the National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind people (NRCPD). All are skilled in providing communication support in a variety of settings, including

  • Health Appointments: GP, dentist, hospital, optician, podiatrist etc.
  • Employment: job interviews, staff and client meetings etc.
  • Parent/teacher & school meetings
  • Theatre: Q&A events, shows, pantomimes, musicals etc.
  • Legal: solicitor appointments, police dealings, Court cases
  • Community: accessing groups, attending classes
  • Council Services: council appointments and meetings
  • Parliamentary business: for public and private meetings and consultations
  • Conferences, seminars or workshops
Who can use a BSL interpreter?

Interpreters provide communication support between deaf and hearing people, ensuring that everyone can be part of the conversation, whether they use British Sign Language (BSL) or English.

If you would like to learn British Sign Language, we offer a range of BSL courses.

Can a BSL interpreter offer advice?

An interpreter is not permitted to offer any form of advice or opinions, only to directly interpret. At Deaf Action, our interpreters adhere to a strict code of practice to ensure a confidential and impartial service.

To book a BSL interpreter

To book or enquire about a BSL Interpreter in Scotland or the South of England, follow the links to the booking forms below.

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