Communication Support Workers

Our Communication Support Workers (CSWs) are used to facilitate communication in lectures, workshops, and seminars so that Deaf and Hard of Hearing students have the same access to further education as their hearing peers. You may choose to use them for notetaking or translating information. All CSWs registered with us have been interviewed and PVG checked so that we can offer the best person to suit your course/needs.

Communication support workers are suitable for:
  • Students that use British Sign Language or Sign Supported English 
  • Those who need to communicatwith Deaf BSL users in an educational setting 
Who can use a Communication Support Worker?

CSWs offer communication support to aid learning for various people, including:

  • Students who use British Sign Language or Sign Supported English
  • Those who need to communicate with Deaf BSL users in an educational setting
  • Deaf and Hard of hearing students requiring assistance in an academic environment
How can a Communication Support Worker help?

CSWs can provide deaf and hard of hearing communication support for a wide range of academic related scenarios and settings, such as:

  • University or College courses: full or part-time courses that last anywhere between three months to four years
  • Primary and Secondary schools: temporary and permanent positions
  • Work experience: course placements or to build personal experience
  • Evening courses: community organised or to gain a professional qualification
  • Extra-curricular activities: attending outside lectures and events relevant to course work
Are Communication Support Workers Registered Interpreters?

Please remember CSWs are not registered interpreters and if you are unsure of the best communication support for your needs we are always happy to advise.

To book a CSW call:
Freephone: 0800 014 1401
Text: 0131 557 0419
SMS: 07797 800 064

Or click here to access the booking form.

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