Deaf Like Me – Charlotte Addison



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Meet Charlotte Addison, a deaf BSL user based in Glasgow. Unlike most deaf children, Charlotte grew up in a deaf signing household. Charlotte shares a funny story about manners at the dinner table, and how she realised that not everyone could sign like her family.

Charlotte’s story

Coming from a deaf signing family, Charlotte has been immersed in deaf culture and the language since birth. Harnessing this strong positive deaf identity, she continues to share her experiences with parents of deaf children and inspire the next generation of deaf youngsters through her work with Deaf Action’s Youth Services.


 “part of my role has been setting up a parent and toddler group. And just like my mum, with skills passed onto me, I can now share this with others, allowing them to see that deaf people can do it too.” 


Share your story

The aim of the Deaf Like Me series is to highlight the diversity of deafness by showcasing stories and experiences from our community. If you have a story or experience you’d like to share with us, get in touch here.