Share your story

We love when people share their stories with us.

It helps bridge the gap between communities and cultures. Stories help others understand deaf people’s experiences, provide tips to others going through similar situations and can inspire people to make a difference. If you have a connection to deafness or to Deaf Action, share your story with us. It helps us demonstrate the wonderful work our team do to support and celebrate deaf people.





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How will my story be used?

When completing the form, you will be able to select the way you want your story to be shared.

  • Deaf Action website – your story will show others how our services have provided support and will provide information to online users.
  • Social media – sharing your story can demonstrate to those within the community, or out with, what deafness is and how we can be there as support. Educating others by raising awareness is at the heart of what we do.
  • Fundraising materials – your story can demonstrate the difference we make to deaf people, and why vital funds are required to continue our services.
  • Print – local and national newspapers occasionally approach us for case studies to support leading stories.
  • Other websites – our funders make Deaf Action’s services possible, and they appreciate seeing how their grants make a difference.
We’re here for you

Need help filling out the form or want to tell someone your story in BSL? Contact us. We will support you through the process.

It’s up to you
  • You can choose to stay anonymous if you don’t want to be identified
  • You can choose where your story is shared (in the form)
  • You can request for your story to be removed at any given time
  • You will be contacted each time we want to use your story


By filling in this form you are giving Deaf Action full rights to use any text, images and videos, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for fundraising, marketing or other purposes to support the charity. This might include (but is not limited to), the right to use them in their printed and online publicity, website, social media, press releases and funding applications.

Deaf Action will store all the images safely and use them for such period as it considers appropriate, and will move them into its image archive once they are no longer used. If you decide at any time that you do not wish for your images to be used anymore, please get in touch.