Parent and toddler group



Parent and toddler group. Three females sat on a multicoloured soft play floor mat alongside young children while playing with colourful toys.
Parent & toddler group Deaf Action supports deaf families at every stage. 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents. This can impact both a child’s development and parental bond. We want to close this gap by supporting young people and their families. Supporting families Our parent & toddler group provides support and advice for deaf families. And by ...

Information for deaf students



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Bright Deal Making sense of energy Click for BSL Video Bright Deal is a home energy advice service from Deaf Action, helping deaf and hard of hearing people in Scotland understand and manage their home energy. How can we help? We can offer advice in BSL to help you live comfortably, understand your energy usage, and save money on your ...

Hard of hearing



Illustration of child, older woman and man at table, all smiling
It can feel alienating when you’re hard of hearing. Everyone talking around you, while you struggle to get involved. But Deaf Action has a range of simple products and services that can help you be a part of the conversation. Deaf Action supplies specialist equipment to help deaf and hard of hearing people access more of life. How can we ...

Care in the community


Communication & Interpretation Agency

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Care in the community Deaf Action provides care for deaf people to support independent living. Our services are available in Edinburgh and the Lothians, and the South of England. Community support in the South of England Residential care Social care in Edinburgh and the Lothians Supported accommodation in Edinburgh

Digital skills training



Mum and two young children using an ipad tablet
Click & Connect Digital skills training for deaf people Click for BSL Video Click & Connect is a free digital skills service from Deaf Action, helping deaf people stay connected online. Click & Connect Getting online is essential to stay connected with friends and family, and can help people access services, shops, education and workplaces. Our digital courses can give ...

Referral – schools & social work



Deaf girls with cochlear implant and youth club volunteer
Youth Club referral For schools, organisations and social work Refer a deaf young person If you are work for a school, social work, or organisation that takes care of young people, use the form below. For deaf young people from P7 to S6. Youth Club referral form Name of the person making the referral: * Relationship to the young person: ...

Referral – parents & youth


Youth Club referral For parents and young people Get in touch, or refer a deaf young person If you are a deaf young person who wants to join our Youth Club, or you are the parent or guardian of a deaf young person, use the form below. Youth Club enquiry form Parent's name * Full name Child's name * Email ...

Youth Club



Two boys at deaf youth club
Youth Club Supporting deaf young people Click for BSL Video Our youth club supports deaf young people at every stage of their development, helping them build confidence and shape their future. Are you deaf and aged 10-18? Join our youth club to build your confidence, meet new friends, and share experiences with other young deaf people. We provide a wide ...

Home rental advice



Home rental advice Click for BSL Video Deaf Action has put together a range of videos in BSL to give deaf tenants equal access to information and advice on the property rental market. Know your rights as a tenant Our BSL videos make information around property rental accessible for deaf people. Get guidance on deposits, and what to do in ...

Family BSL course


BSL Courses

Family BSL course Would your family benefit from learning sign language? Our grant funded Family BSL courses are an inclusive and multi-generational way to learn BSL. Taught by experienced deaf tutors, you will learn enough vocabulary and grammar to have basic conversations, identify and understand everyday signs and create a strong foundation for future learning. The aim of these classes ...