Why learn British Sign Language



woman in coffee shop using sign language

Thinking about learning a new language? Consider British Sign Language!

British Sign Language (or BSL) is mainly used by the deaf community, but that doesn’t mean hearing people can’t learn it. It’s a beautiful language, and allows people to be expressive. It’s a common misconception that BSL is difficult to learn, as it’s a non-verbal and purely visual language. But don’t be put off – it’s like learning any other language. Once you get started, you’ll want to keep going.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider learning BSL.

You’ll be contributing towards an inclusive society

Native BSL users experience communication barriers every day. By learning BSL, you’ll be able to communicate with deaf people, contributing to a society where deaf people are included. Learning BSL will help you to become deaf aware and celebrate the rich diversity within the deaf community.

Improve your relationships

Hearing loss can affect anyone. In fact, 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents. By learning basic signs, you will be able to communicate deaf people around you, such as deaf colleagues, family or friends. Having this skill will boost your communication skills, and deaf people will appreciate the effort.

“Learning BSL has allowed me to have conversations with my deaf colleagues and clients. A simple thing like asking ‘how are you’? or ‘how was your weekend?’ can massively improve your working relationships.”

Emma, Student Level 1 BSL course

Gain qualifications and improve your CV

Stand out from the crowd by having another language on your CV! Learning a new language can improve your skillset as an employee and freshen up your CV. Learning a new skill shows that you’re motivated and can open up job opportunities. BSL brings opportunities within deaf organisations too. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to keep studying and become a qualified Interpreter!

Join a community and embrace a new culture

If you are experiencing hearing loss and find it difficult to communicate with your hearing friends, learning BSL can open your world up to new culture and a new community. Surrounding yourself with those that have shared experience will boost your confidence and enable you to express yourself in a new way.

Have fun!

You’ll meet people on your BSL course, so it’s a great chance to meet new friends, practice together and have a laugh. Learning a new language can be take time and there’s always challenges, but you’ll feel rewarded when you start to put it into practice. As a visual language, expressing yourself by using your face and body will feel invigorating.

Ready to start learning?

We hope we’ve inspired you to consider learning BSL. Our short courses are the perfect way to get started, and are all taught by deaf tutors who use BSL as their first language.

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