Safe & Sound launching in 2021



Helping *deaf tenants and landlords

Deaf Action is delighted to have received funding for our new Safe & Sound service, thanks to SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust. 

The service will launch early 2021 and will help us reach landlords and tenants affected by hearing loss, ensuring they have access to information and advice. 

Approximately 150,000 people affected by hearing loss live in households across Scotland with a private tenancy agreement. There is a lack of specialist advice for both tenants and landlords, but our project seeks to close this gap. 

Philip Gerrard, CEO from Deaf Action said:

“The funding from SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust is a huge benefit to Deaf Action and *deaf people. It’s another step forward, giving deaf and hard of hearing people equal access to information on the rental market and their rights as tenants.” 

With the funding, we will be able to offer expert advice to deaf tenants, demonstrate and give advice on specialist safety equipment, and will create a package of British Sign Language (BSL) videos to make sure information can be easily accessed. We will also be running deaf awareness workshops for landlords and letting agents to offer them advice on how to support their deaf tenants. 

John Duff, Chairman of the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust said:

“One of the aims of the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust is to advance education in relation to legal rights and obligations within the private rented sector, and it is important that this information is accessible to all. The initiative taken by Deaf Action to support the significant number of people affected by hearing loss within the sector is a very welcome step, and we are pleased to be supporting this service through funding. We look forward to seeing the new resources taking shape.” 

SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust is a grant-giving charity aimed at promoting education, training and best practice in Scotland’s private rented sector. SafeDeposits Scotland, a not-for-profit organisation which safeguards over 140,000 deposits of private rented tenants under Scottish law, funds the Trust and grants awarded by the trust. 

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