NHS hearing aid repair in Midlothian



Are your hearing aids not working?

If you live in Midlothian, you can benefit from Midlothian Council’s NHS hearing aid repair delivery service.

Due to the pandemic, the Audiology Department has been unable to offer repair clinics and local clinics have also been temporarily halted. But Midlothian Council have arranged a volunteer led service to uplift and return your faulty NHS aid(s) from your home, to an Audiology repair clinic.

Who can use this service?

Anyone with an NHS hearing aid living in Midlothian can use the hearing air repair delivery service.

How it works

Place your aid(s) in a sealed envelope/package along with a note of your name, address and details of what is wrong with your hearing aid(s). A volunteer will call at your house, ring the bell and stand 2 meters back. You should then place your package on the door step and close the door. The volunteer will then lift the package and take it for repair.

Volunteers will uplift your aids between 10am – 12 noon on Tuesdays.

They will be returned to you on Wednesday morning.

Requests should be made by 3.30pm on Friday.

How to book a repair

To use this service, please call 0131 270 7500
Or email batteries@midlothian.gov.uk