Introducing deaf role models – Ruaridh Level-Hogg



Choosing between college, university or full-time work can be a difficult decision, especially when you’re undecided on what you would like to do in the future.

Over the next four weeks, we will be introducing just some of our deaf colleagues, who have inspired others throughout their careers. They will share their journey through education and support, into the career they have now.

If you’re studying, considering higher education or would like some tips, stay tuned to meet our eight deaf role models.

Meet Ruaridh, a deaf artist

Starting out

Ruaridh started to contact universities in 2012, and was accepted to Dundee University to do a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Fine Arts. The course was four years long, covering a wide range of art disciplines. After developing his preferred skills of painting and drawing, Ruaridh continued his studies by completing a Masters in Fine Art (MA) and Humanities, including philosophy.

This one-year MA degree progressed Ruaridh skill set in paint specialism which led to him becoming a participant on the BBC Big Painting Challenge. This experience refined his skills and also allowed him to learn new techniques.

After university

After university, he worked in various roles to make a living, whilst keeping his love for art alive by delivering workshops, tutoring in deaf organisations, involvement in exhibitions and doing TV appearances. Ruaridh suggests that having a deaf artist role model, can help the younger generation grow their confidence and reach a higher potential.

Ruaridh says a can-do attitude is crucial when entering the art world. He believes that practice makes perfect and being patient with yourself will benefit your development.

“Do not compare yourself to others or think they are better than you.”

Although barriers will arise throughout life, Ruaridh has had strong support from friends and family through his journey, helping him achieve his goals.

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