Energy prices are rising – what can we do?



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Ofgem have announced their pricing cap will be removed soon, which means energy bills in homes will be rising. The increase of £153 for prepayment customers and £139 from those paying by direct debit is likely to result in suppliers putting their prices up in October.

What does this mean?

This means energy bills in homes across the UK are likely to go up. This price rise takes place in October, just at the start of winter when we use more energy to keep our homes warm. But customers can shop around for new tariffs or more supplier to get a better deal and save money.

How can Deaf Action help?

Bright Deal is a free home energy advice service from Deaf Action, helping deaf and hard of hearing people in Scotland manage their home energy.

If you are worried about your bills, get in touch. We’ll help make sense of your bills or even change supplier. This service is free and available in BSL or English. Book an appointment with our energy advisers here.