Deaf role models – Tamara Gierend



Tamara Gierend

Next in our series of deaf role models is Tamara Gierend, a photographer.

Tamara moved from Germany to Scotland seven years ago, after being accepted onto a Higher National Diploma (HND) course in Photography at the City of Glasgow College. After completing her HND, she applied to do a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Photography. She tells us how both courses were enjoyable, but in different ways.

In a Photography HND course, Tamara learned a variety of domains, such as portrait, fashion, landscape, filmmaking and more. In Tamara’s BA degree in photography, she was taught to focus on these areas in more depth. By going into more detail, she was able to identify her main interests and incorporate these into her personal projects.

Not every route will be right for you

Tamara had a fantastic experience in her lectures as she worked on her degree, and felt encouraged her to improve skills and show creativity. Following her BA, Tamara continued her studies at the university of Ayr, completing a Masters in Creative Media Practices. However, Tamara didn’t feel like this was the right choice for her, as there was a big difference between her previous photography course and this one.

Moving home and facing dream job barriers

Although Tamara didn’t feel like the Masters was the right choice for her, it helped her get to where she is now. Moving back to Germany last year, she landed a job in Project Management and Counselling for disabled people. She does not have a Driving License in Germany (yet!), which is an important requirement for photography jobs in her home country.

Her advice

Tamara’s advice for future deaf photography students is to consider a Higher National Certificate (HNC) if you have no base knowledge on cameras, and make sure to book an interpreter to help communication throughout your course. If you don’t connect well with your interpreter, raise this with student services sooner rather than later so that your studies are not impacted.

“Follow your passion, your dream and good luck!”

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