BSL Health & Wellbeing Support



Here for you

We offer Health & Wellbeing Support, including  deaf counselling services, because know how difficult it can be to look after your mind and body – and even more so during the coronavirus pandemic. You might be feeling lonely, anxious, frustrated, or maybe you are feeling worried about your finances or work.

Remember it is ok to feel a bit worried or scared, that’s what Deaf Health and Wellbeing Support is here for. Sharing your concerns and talking with someone about the current situation can make a huge difference.


Who is Deaf Health and Wellbeing Support for?

Our new Health and Wellbeing Support service is available to all adult British Sign Language (BSL) users living in Scotland. We are here for you, and our experienced team of staff includes a BSL counsellor who can provide tips and advice during this challenging time.

You may find this particularly helpful for:

  • Personal issues
  • Finance issues
  • Health issues
  • Work-Related issues
  • Child issues

For more information about our new Wellbeing and Support Service, email or WhatsApp on 07879 687222