Home energy saving tips



Warm and cozy living room

Many of you will be aware that as of this April, 2022, energy bills are going to increase significantly. Many people out there will be accumulating their energy bills but putting them to one side.

Here are some you some quick tips on how to save on your energy bills. These ideas can save you £356 a year.

Draught proofing your home

How can you prevent draughts coming into your house or flat? Perhaps you’re aware of draughts coming in around the windows, the doors, or even up through the floors. Perhaps you feel draughts in the corners of your rooms.

You can try to block these draughts by covering affected areas over and try to remedy them – perhaps by sealing around the windows, or fitting foam door seals or by fitting draught excluders on the bottom of your doors – this could save you £40 a year.

Switching off lights

Or perhaps by switching off the lights? Through the winter time, or perhaps when the weather is particularly gloomy outside, of course you’ll need the lights on- but only when you’re in the room! When you leave the room, please remember to switch the lights off!

Similarly if you’re watching TV of an evening, try switching the living room lights off – you can still enjoy watching the TV fine as the screen is back-lit. If you take care to check that all unnecessary lights are switched off, it could save you £20 a year.

Have shorter showers

Using the shower – you’ll be aware that when you use the shower, it consumes electricity at a very fast rate, making your bills go up. So how can we save when showering?

Try using the shower for, say, only four minutes – by just having a quick shower, getting sorted and switching it off straight away, you can save around about £65 per year.

Shower less frequently

Many of you will like to have a shower every day, adding up to seven showers a week – but I have a tip to help you save on your energy bills when showering.

Why not have a bath once or twice a week and that means you can cut back on the showers you have each week from seven down to five – this means you still get to bathe every day of the week – and by doing so you can save about £11 a year.

Hot water cylinder

If you insulate your cylinder by putting a thick tank jacket on it, it’ll keep the contents warm and save you around £35 a year!

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