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BSL Digital Skills Trial

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Step 1: Open PowerPoint

1. Click the start icon

2. Click on the PowerPoint icon to open it.

Step 2: Choose a Template

1. When PowerPoint opens, you will see many designs. These are called "templates".

Choose the "Blank Presentation" to start with a plain slide.

Step 3: The Title Page

Topics: - PowerPoint Title - PowerPoint Subtitle

Tip: On your first slide, there will be two boxes.

1. Click on the big box at the top.

2. Type the PowerPoint Title. Today we will make a PowerPoint called "My Favourite Animal".

3. Click on the smaller box.

4. Type "By [Your Name]"

5. Your finished Title page will look like this

Step 5: Add a new slide

- Add new slide - Slide title - Write the slide body

The Quick Way

1. Click on the slide above the one new one and press [[Enter.]]

2. Click here

Another Way

3. Click "Insert"

4. Click "More Options"

5. Click "Title and Content"

6. Click here

Searching for information

Tip: Find more information about how to search the internet in another Scribe. Or use one of the animal factsheets above.

7. Search the internet for animal facts.

Slide Title

8. Click here

Slide Body

9. Click here

10. Click in the 'Body' box and type your animal facts.

11. When you've added 3-4 facts go to the next scribe guide.