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BSL Digital Skills Trial

What are we doing?
We have created a learning unit to compare how people prefer to learn information about digital skills. We are going to compare instructions in written English with BSL translations. There are two types of BSL translations – whole page translation and paragraph by paragraph translation.

Why are we doing this?
We spoke to some deaf BSL users and people who work with deaf people and they told us it can be difficult to learn digital skills because there’s not enough guides created in BSL.

Who is this for?
We welcome BSL users who are new to using PowerPoint – maybe you’ve never used PowerPoint before or perhaps you’ve found it very difficult. This guide shows beginners how to use PowerPoint for the first time.

Why use PowerPoint
PowerPoint is good for showing ideas when you talk to people. You can use words, colours, and pictures to help explain your thoughts. It is nice for sharing lots of ideas because you can show one thing at a time on a big screen while you tell people about it. This makes it easy for them to understand and remember what you are saying.

You might use it at work, for a job interview or when giving a talk.

Let's get started

Click on the slides to see what you'll create today. Try to create a new slide for each animal fact.

To see different animals, tap the left and right sides of the pictures. Your PowerPoint will be all about animal facts. You can use these factsheets or find ones about a different animal using the "How to search the internet" guide below.
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