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This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. So, what helps me to keep my mind positive? Walking outside, taking in the scenery and getting some fresh air – whether it’s cold or hot, it doesn’t matter; the view is lovely.

There may be times when I don’t feel up to walking and I think to myself; ‘what’s the point…?’

But what helps me get motivated to get out and walk is Deaf Action, who have occasionally created activities such as scavenger hunts, which I’ll show you…

The list might ask you to find an oak tree, and I’ll walk until I’ve found one. It may ask me to find a particular flower, and I’ll tick them off as I go along, making walks more interesting and link you with nature; the trees, the plants and lots of other things.

It’s positive for the mind and makes you feel good.

I’ve downloaded two apps on my phone which give me motivation to walk:

  1. PictureThis
    With the first app, if you see a flower you don’t recognise, you take a photo and it’ll give you the name of the species, so I am always learning something new.
  2. Bird Identification
    This app is quite similar – if you see a species of bird you’re not familiar with, you can take an image of the bird and the name will appear which is rather exciting.

This makes walks more enjoyable, having different things to look forward to and connecting you with nature, which is good for the mind.

I must go now because I’ve got lots to tick off on my list!

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