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Communication & Interpretation Agency

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Care in the community Deaf Action provides care for deaf people to support independent living. Our services are available in Edinburgh and the Lothians, and the South of England. Community support in the South of England Residential care Social care in Edinburgh and the Lothians Supported accommodation in Edinburgh



Communication & Interpretation Agency

Lipspeakers Lipspeakers work with deafened and hard of hearing people - most commonly those who have become hard of hearing or deafened after acquiring spoken language and have a good level of English. What is lipreading? Lipreading is a learned skill and as such will not be suitable for all deafened or hard of hearing people. Most people that lipread will ...

Electronic notetakers

Communication & Interpretation Agency

Electronic Notetakers Click for BSL Video We understand how challenging it can be for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to take notes themselves when trying to focus on what is being said. Deaf Action Electronic Notetakers (ENT) are communication professionals and can summarise spoken English into accurate electronic notes. Who can use an Electronic Notetaker? Electronic Notetakers offer communication support ...

Communication support workers

Communication & Interpretation Agency

Communication Support Workers Click for BSL Video Our Communication Support Workers (CSWs) are used to facilitate communication in lectures, workshops, and seminars so that Deaf and Hard of Hearing students have the same access to further education as their hearing peers. You may choose to use them for notetaking or translating information. All CSWs registered with us have been interviewed ...

Communication & interpreting agency

Communication & Interpretation Agency

Communication & interpreting agency Click for BSL Video Empowering communication Deaf Action offers a range of high-quality communication support, including BSL sign language interpreters, because deaf people have the right to represent themselves, direct their own lives, and receive accurate information from both deaf and hearing people. We will help you find the service that best suits your needs, including ...

BSL/English interpreters

BSL/English Interpreters

BSL/English Interpreters Click for BSL Video What is a BSL interpreter? A British Sign Language interpreter (BSL interpreter) converts sign language into spoken English for hearing people, and converts spoken English into British Sign Language for deaf people. How can a BSL interpreter help? We know how important it is to get the right BSL interpreter for the job. Deaf ...