Inspiring deaf Highland Dancer joins Deaf Action Youth Service



Ava Tollard, a talented Highland Dancer from Australia joined Deaf Action’s Youth Service when visiting Scotland.

Ava lost her hearing at the age of 14 just as she had reached a Premier level in competitive highland dancing. Unfortunately this affected her balance and her ability to perform the very technical nature of Highland positions. Not being able to hear the music, she had to re-learn how her mind and body could work together and continue to be successful in something she loved.

Awarded the BBM Youth Support Award 2016/2017, allowed Ava the opportunity to travel to Scotland and broaden her dancing experiences. During her time here she was able to dance, perform, compete, teach and inspire other young people to thrive for what they are passionate about regardless of challenges they may face.

During her time in Scotland Ava also spent time with the Deaf Action Youth Service, attending outings, teaching dance at the Albany Street office and even performing with one of the deaf group members Finlay who plays the bagpipes.

To read Ava’s full experience of visiting Scotland, please click here.